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everythings gonna be okay

apapun yang terjadi
Ku kan slalu ada untukmu
janganlah kau bersedih cause everythings gonna be ok..

im sorry for everything if this is the last time anything between us..i know dat uve been thinkin this 1 big question of am i the right 1 for even i cant answer dat..but do remember dat ill always love u..n ull always be in my heart n ill wait fer u no matter wat..jus u n me forever..NH i love u..

Who am I??

Who am i??

- im a guy who doesnt care much about wat ppl will do nor will say.dats just me living in my own life without anyone there for me..n i liked it dat way..if there's sum1 said dat they know me?well dats just to ease my mind.but the truth?? nobody knows me well accept for me n the ALMIGHTY.

- im a type of guy who doesnt use my brain when it comes in doing things..i prefer doing anything on a small long as its good for everyone n me.

- im a guy with a simple attitude..the kind dat easy to go around with ppl unless the ppl is absolute idiot.

- im a guy who doesnt like to be see by the rank of my family.if they had this rank dat everyone could be proud of..dats them n not me..i like to make my own way in my life..likewise i dont do the same towards other ppl either..come clean with me n ill accept u no matter wat class u r from..

- im not a fucking hypocrite in every fucking thing..dont fucking judge me.i dont hide myself if anything is not right n i do speak up n stand my ground.if u dont like wat im saying well i guess u just have to hate me from the inside...

- im the type of guy who doesnt have many friends n im proud of every single one of em.the reason i dont have dat many frenz is im a very particular person n i choose whom i wanna not judging its just dat frenz are easy to find but not "REAL FRENZ" .

The repeating scene..


Owh how i felt the same scene is repeating over and over again..have i done sumthing wrong in my life?or i accidentally messed up sum1's life like this??or maybe i was born to be this way..the guilt, the tiredness , the anger...the fact is i cant even think of any..but now?? hm feels like ive been crushed with a big pile of rock to my chest..i cant breath..GOD HELP ME..make me strong to endure all the blockage in my life..made me strong..

..counting sheep

even i had this tiring day settlin all my work but still i cant sleep with this uneasy feelin..

sigh..i havent slept well these few days..kucalana sunguh...dang...