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New Family Member...

introducing the new additional family of mine..
hehe and the name is.. MAGINA JUNIOR..and i call him junior
his name was put up by my sayang..wekkk
love u both..hee

Dear God

ive always pray to god let us be together u so much
ure my evrything...


"U're not perfect. Im not perfect either. but surely we're perfect for each other. I ♥ u" qouted by you sayang..

For four days in a row..ive been ur alarm/wake up call..and every time/morning i hear ur voice when u jus woke up, its just melt my heart out..My LOVE for u just grew big , bigger , enormous, colossal and  stronger everyday/time i hear u saying that u love me at every ending of our calls..thanks sayang for everything..

Ill dedicate all my life for u in every way..night and day..thank you for loving me..ill make sure this will last in me, in my love..LOVE U SO MUCH


every one's been talking about this date..hehe including me been planning this one lil romantic dinner with my actually im jus gonna make it official since we never had this "date".so the plan is :

take her out to this nice spot in btu feringhi.
a nice fancy dinner
take her on a horse ride
ask her the questions..

but sumhow this is wat happen..

pick her up at 3 at sg nibong then we head straight to Jeti to drop my bro.then we went for a ferry ride since we had nothing to do cause she looks tired.then we head back to my place straight to the homestay.

getting ready then at 8 she called,pick her up and then went straight to bt feringhi for dinner.well my plan is after dinner wanna take her for a horse ride..but then its raining heavily..sigh..we just lepakking untill the rains stop.did ask her the question tho..but still its not as i planned..sigh..huhu but im happy that she's happy.

the next morning we planned on going to the beach,whew..always hated the beach cause i can get easily we leave the homestay at noon the heads straight to the beach.she looks very excited a small kid been given a candy on after a few hours at the beach we went to rinse the salt water at titi kerawang's.

thanks syg for the incredible weekand..i really enjoyed it..mwuah love u so much..eventhou the plan didnt go as i planned but sumhow i enjoyed havin u here with me..and i hope ure happy gonna make it up to u..okay..and make sure everythings will be according to plan..heehehe mwuah

me lovey2 u..mwuah

Match me good

" I can be tough,i can be strong
But with u,its not like that all.."

Huge meaning of a 2 sentences lyrics..
I was introduced to this song by my love..thanks huney buuneyy..

These 2 sentences describe me well..
"Love u NHJ"

I missed u so much n i dunno wat to do..hmm hope that ure missing me too..

How i wish i canhear ur voice,
Can feel the touch of ur hands to my skin,
Hear the sweet laugh ud make everytime i told u a stupid joke.
The smile ud always make whenever u see's me..

I miss u so much syg..i do..

Girls Meets Boy

Guess what.??? she coming this Friday..yeayyy

Dance with me

I cant sleep and im missing some1..i dont know what to i just share my dreams..
Dancing is a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.since i was a kid ive always loved to watch people do the Waltz..well i just hope that one day that ill do for myself instead of looking at other..really wanna try this waltz with u baby (NHJ) sure u'll look beautiful and lovely like a princess..i can imagine how u'd smile for me from the middle of the room with ur sweet smile..and im ur prince dat waits for ur hand.. ull make the others sway by ur slow moves and steady steps..sigh how i'd like to ask u to dance with u..i miss u

lots of love..

Perasaan ku tentang perasaan

"Mata menjeling menungu-nunguu
Hati xsabar terburu-buru
Menuggu tetap dan terus menungu
Tiada bunyi kotak berlagu
Dalam hati terasa rindu
Hati menyanyi lagu syahdu
Kira didengar dilihat oleh mu"

Love u so much..

missing you

thats reflects it all..
really miss u