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the unthinkable

look at this picture..what can u tell?? hurm just wanna share my thoughts and looking at this picture alone im just scared actually this is how i end up 2 days ago in the garden at the back of my house.i just cant move n i just cant do anything..just lying there on the grass..hmm really scared that i wont be able to see the faces of my love wanna say that im thankful that i didnt die last 2 i dunno what happen actually it just sorta just happen to me like a strike of at that moment all i cant think of is sumone..Just remember that we dont know when is our time..just be grateful..


Hm its only 15%..i cant even get up and stand on my feet..n hoping that u guys would understand me..but u guysw keep calling ive told u..i dont fucking give a damn..i jus got up and im fucking have this fucking headache..i might as well drop all these fucking subjects or the fucking course or even my fucking master..


hm really miss u..i dunno how to express it wish if u could see thru me..
look at my i carved ur name in it to be the most priceless tattoo that ive ever made since forever...there's alot of change between us..i just wanna tell u that i miss u so much..

p/s : i really love u..miss u will all my heart..n yes i cant live without u..


not in the mood..sigh..why god why..
wish u could be here sayang..