Been busy with MQA to my workplace..2 straight days didnt sleep just to prepare em what they need...sighhh i wish i could just look around me and see whats goin on..

Hey just wanted to say Happy Anniversary..love u so much...always listen to this song..remember how u used to say "everything means nothing if i aint got u" missed u so much..


Today i missed to wish my own Anniversary by a day not because that i forget, but i dont have access to the internet..Well here i am wishing us happy anniversary u dear .. love u so much


Hey back again...its been a while..n im here just once every month..So today is the 1y5m of our anniversary..hopefully, no matter happen to us, our love will always be blessed throughout our lives..ill wait for u till the end of time..i dont mind and care if someone would laugh at me, tell me im stupid, or say that im livin in a fantasy world because my reality is different from others..and deep inside, i know that we'll be together..insyaAllah...Happy Anniversary my dear love..

i know this song will sound weird and abit off to show sumone that we love em..but the lyric doesnt..i always listen to this song every night and pray that you'll see me sumhow.


Happy anniversary my love..maybe u cant see me now but im sure one day u will..ill wait for u no matter what..no matter how hard it gets..my love will forever be yours..


She gets angry easily,then she's fine..seeing her smile always made my day as she her smile just like the moon..listening to her voice makes me wanna jump off a building..she sings like a boss,even she didnt like her own voice..but her voice always clinging to my head like forever..id hope to hear her sing with me again n forever with me..Its been 1 year n 3 months..long way to go ;) happy anniversary n may god grant my wish n make u mine..aminn..and hopefully ur heart will accept me..


Happy anniversary NHJ..i love u.. I wont give up on us..my heart will always beats for you..you're not an option but my destiny..god bless..

I'll wait for you till the end..

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