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U Made My Day..???!!!

in the end..we have finally thru with the presentation..

Hemma is the 1st to be was like 7 to 8 mins after that and she's done..(that was quick and smooth , i said to myself and at the same time i was thinkin to myself "IM DOOMED")
after a few questioning by Mr. Mus , Wira stepped up..(he looked a bit shacky at first..)
but Wira did was slow and steady..
then came along Wan with his "dope" version of presentation style..(by that moment im kinda rattled a bit and looking at Wan..LOL) then after a few mins , i couldn't stop laughing coz Wan
actually said "rumah urut" during the presentation..we all had a laugh..
then it was my time..and i did it...ehehhe

then suddenly "the 4 of u have made my day"...

that was like the most perfect phrase for the 4 of us knowing that we couldnt speak that well and fluent in english except for hemma eheh (sorry Hemma...)

it was worth it...(smiling)

The end is near

I was thinking to myself.."am i living in a world that soon will come to an end??"then suddenly i
got a call from my bro in Penang saying
"bro lu dah tgk ke??"

then i replied.."aponyo??"

"tgk kat luar tgkp rumah skrg...tgk atas"....(with a confused thoughts that is he outside??..i walked to the balcony and looked up..)
ALLAHUAKBAR..i said to myself..

i couldnt take a picture because its too dark..but i manage to get it from a friend of mine..
this picture was taken a few days before on 16th may 2010..this picture shows that the shape of the moon resemble the 2nd letter in the arabic word whish is "BA"..

My shot

The "lady"

The "Lady"

The "lady"

My dad

Ah-Cai ( my lil bro)

Tiring journey + experience

HUHUH im so happy that i arrived in Penang at 1030 Pm..
parting wit my friend and hop on a bus to Balik Pulau..
after 1hour on the bus and 15 mins of walk, i got home and went to sleep...(fuhh)
woke up with sore throat and flu (darn)...but it was a relief seeing the one's you love
arround you..then heads to the market and buy grocery for the big day

at noon my house full of relatives from Kelantan and Singapore..they've come all the way just to see my lil sister getting was a happy a moment to see all of em at the same time (knowing the fact that i have to sleep in the living room..sob3)

(despite that im having a flu and cold) still have to do all the jobs including lawning the yard..then at night , pick her up at the airport from KL fuhh it was tiring for a guy who had flu and fever..(i was thinkin "wat the heck its for my sister sake anyways")

the big day is finnaly here..i was assigned to be a photographer..(lol actually im not that good at taking picture)ill post it later..when i looked at my sister's face , she's happy with all these goin on..good fer her..and she had this "im-happy-please -take-my -picture-again" look on her face eheh

as fer now im writing this blog AGAIN..and packing up my stuff fer tommorow (goin back to kl)