The end is near

Posted by on Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was thinking to myself.."am i living in a world that soon will come to an end??"then suddenly i
got a call from my bro in Penang saying
"bro lu dah tgk ke??"

then i replied.."aponyo??"

"tgk kat luar tgkp rumah skrg...tgk atas"....(with a confused thoughts that is he outside??..i walked to the balcony and looked up..)
ALLAHUAKBAR..i said to myself..

i couldnt take a picture because its too dark..but i manage to get it from a friend of mine..
this picture was taken a few days before on 16th may 2010..this picture shows that the shape of the moon resemble the 2nd letter in the arabic word whish is "BA"..

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