Who am I??

Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who am i??

- im a guy who doesnt care much about wat ppl will do nor will say.dats just me living in my own life without anyone there for me..n i liked it dat way..if there's sum1 said dat they know me?well dats just to ease my mind.but the truth?? nobody knows me well accept for me n the ALMIGHTY.

- im a type of guy who doesnt use my brain when it comes in doing things..i prefer doing anything on a small thought..as long as its good for everyone n me.

- im a guy with a simple attitude..the kind dat easy to go around with ppl unless the ppl is absolute idiot.

- im a guy who doesnt like to be see by the rank of my family.if they had this rank dat everyone could be proud of..dats them n not me..i like to make my own way in my life..likewise i dont do the same towards other ppl either..come clean with me n ill accept u no matter wat class u r from..

- im not a fucking hypocrite in every fucking thing..dont fucking judge me.i dont hide myself if anything is not right n i do speak up n stand my ground.if u dont like wat im saying well i guess u just have to hate me from the inside...

- im the type of guy who doesnt have many friends n im proud of every single one of em.the reason i dont have dat many frenz is im a very particular person n i choose whom i wanna be..im not judging its just dat frenz are easy to find but not "REAL FRENZ" .

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