Posted by on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

every one's been talking about this date..hehe including me been planning this one lil romantic dinner with my baby..lol actually im jus gonna make it official since we never had this "date".so the plan is :

take her out to this nice spot in btu feringhi.
a nice fancy dinner
take her on a horse ride
ask her the questions..

but sumhow this is wat happen..

pick her up at 3 at sg nibong then we head straight to Jeti to drop my bro.then we went for a ferry ride since we had nothing to do cause she looks tired.then we head back to my place straight to the homestay.

getting ready then at 8 she called,pick her up and then went straight to bt feringhi for dinner.well my plan is after dinner wanna take her for a horse ride..but then its raining heavily..sigh..we just lepakking untill the rains stop.did ask her the question tho..but still its not as i planned..sigh..huhu but im happy that she's happy.

the next morning we planned on going to the beach,whew..always hated the beach cause i can get easily burned..lol..so we leave the homestay at noon the heads straight to the beach.she looks very excited tho..like a small kid been given a candy on helloween..lol..then after a few hours at the beach we went to rinse the salt water at titi kerawang's.

thanks syg for the incredible weekand..i really enjoyed it..mwuah love u so much..eventhou the plan didnt go as i planned but sumhow i enjoyed havin u here with me..and i hope ure happy too..im gonna make it up to u..okay..and make sure everythings will be according to plan..heehehe mwuah

me lovey2 u..mwuah

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