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Posted by on Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reach kl at 1am and there she was in sum leopard jacket n pants..waiting for me..really missed her..
then went for a quick late dinner at kepong..and she was late to go to her frenz' place..
then she give me a quick warning.. " do0nt forget tomorrow at 6 am okay"

went straight home and lepak with my boys..all gossiipping about nothing until 4 sumthing then they all went to bed except for me..whos kinda afraid to sleep cause im da kinda of guy who cant really get up even my place was on fire..

530 am : went out to get to her frenz place and pick up phone rang and it was her..

"kat mne?"
"dah nk sampai" i replied..

reach at her frenz place 6 am on the spot..and there she was waiting for me in a black dress..i was talking to myself.."wow she look cute and so gorgeous that i dont wanna blink my eyes.." even though i didnt have the chance to say dat to her but i know she knows..

it was around 7 and we head to Mcd in damansara for breakfast..all the time i was happy to see her and all i can jus think is how cute she is dat morn..

i was thinkin to myself how lucky i am to have her beside me and i swear to myself that ill be the best for u in anyway.. I LOVE U SO MUCH

we have a chit chat for about 3 hours at that same Mcd and then we decided to move on..we decided to go to college to see my dear old lecturer Mr Mus but he was not around..went to TS for a movie..REAL STEEL..i cant even concentrate on the movie and i just wanna see her beautiful she was dat lovely she was..LOVE U SO MUCH..

after that movie which of i dont quite understand (owh darn i forgot to bring her for lunch) and then she started stomachaching for some time..(felt guilty for dat..sorry syg)we went to college again to see Mr. Mus..after a few chat (he was in hurry tho) then we took a lrt to puduraya to buy my ticket..starting at that point i was kinda sad coz i know dat ill leave her alone..hmm wish if i dont have that stupid oathtaking..SH**T

went straight to kepong after dat ticketing thingy..had a late lunch with her and donald at 540 pm and she was already weak coz of the stomachache..she wont even eat..and she wanted to stay in the car..felt guilty for that..

It was too early and then she decided to go for another movie at the curve..we tag donald along for the movie.."the thing" was choosen for our 2nd movie. i fell asleep the whole 45 mins before the movie ended..(too tired) but still im happy coz she beside me.. : D

after the movie we drop off donald at kepong the we head on straight to puduraya..on the way to pudu i dont say a word coz i cant stand the feeling of im leaving her again..hmm plus she was all weak .. she didnt eat n im quite worried..

1130 pm : its was time to part with her..and i still cant say a word except for i love u and how i dont wanna go home dat I REALLY MISSED U..i asked her to went straight to the car coz i cant stand with her being beside the bus to wait for me to ILL ALWAYS LOVE U MY PRINCESS

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