Posted by on Tuesday, October 4, 2011

had a busy day today..going to SK SG RUSA to collect my questionnaires but sumhow wen i got back from the school..i dont hear a thing from inside my house..came in then..i asked to my lil bro who doesnt go to school with an excuse of today is PMR...

"der takdak api ka?"
then he replied "xdak.."

then i sat in my room and finished my assignment..after a few while it was okay..then i waited till 3pm and yet there's no sign of the electricity coming back on..

lepakking at my moms gazebo for a while and at last i cant stand it anymore..y these days nothing happens without a notice????!!!then i got up and call the T** for further information on how this delay will be due..after a few chit chat..and the operator said dat its gonna be like 7 hours of breakdown..come on la..im doing sumthing and i f**kin need the freakin internet..sigh..i thought to myself.."i gotta go sumwhere with an internet connection...
well then here i am ..lepakking at Coffee Bean at Queensbay writing this up

peace yall...

a lil notice wont your damn company to loose Billions..

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