Daily Routine.

Posted by on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jus wanna share my daily routine throughout the day..

6 am : wake up and settle all my prayers..
7 am : send my brother to his school..
8 am : will be washing the dishes (if theres any) or housework
9 am : sitting in front my lappy and doing some work..
10 am : NAP..
1 pm : pickup my lil bro from school
2 pm : cook sumthing for him or buy for lunch
3 pm : sitting in front of my lappy again
4 pm : leave early for class (lepakking at mamak for a drink)
5 pm : class till 10

11 pm : chat with my parents
12 pm maybe a lil chat with my LOVE

1 - 6 am : sleep (but still i dont have any specific time SIGH)


  1. tipuu..

    bgon tdo pkol 4ptg..

    warrgghh call xmo angkat..

    wek :D

  2. hahah bgn kul 4 klo ari cuti aje..