Posted by on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hmm i dont know how,but i did it i too dumb??please god help me with this coax-ing stuff..let me learn n use ive been facing a lot of trouble bcause of this coax thingy..

Hurm yes..i do not know how to "pujuk2"..n im trying my best to "pujuk" and to learn..hmm i did my best not to start a quarrel n try to be calm..but nothing seems to if u only knew wat id do for

Im still in the learning process but y ure being so mean?u shud consider me as a student who tries to accepting a new thing..all im asking is a chance..let me learn..u cant judge me if u know dat im still learning on this coax-ing

Now wat m i goin to do?i missed ya..but yet..u off ur phne..or mybe watching dat horror i jus miss u so much..n yes ill do it so sorry because wat ive said earlier today..i didnt mean to be like that..i just wanna express my feelings..thats all..

Ive been doing a lot of thinkin,n i wont say or express anything again..coz i dont wanna break ur heart or havin dat cute quarrel of ours..

Ill bear it on my own..i jus wanted for u to be happy..not sulk all day,mad at me all day.. Again,im so sorry love..

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