cigarettes free..

Posted by on Monday, October 24, 2011

hehe this is a nice topic how many of people in this world smokes?hehe i dunno how many but i sure know that there's a billion or trillion of people who smokes in this world.and im practically of the billion and trillions and a heavy one.i smoke wen im bored, wen im stress, when im happy, if u knew me then ull know how heavy i am with cigarette.

huhuh but today i wanna share my new determination on may looks ridiculous but im gonna go for it. for the sake of my loved one's..huhuh it may take a while but ill trying my best to quit okay..?so for today..i only wanna smoke about 4 - 5 cigarette..heee..i jus cant do it alone and ill need sum help and support.

peace out

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