Captive Mind

Posted by on Friday, October 7, 2011

Just wanna share my thoughts since i cant really sleep and im still waiting for my lovely princess to call..

Have u guys ever thought that we are still are in state of "captive mind" even the colonialism is over??How many of us realized or aware that we are still in colonized subtlety??? Yes do think about it again..
even we are free and even our country has been independent for 54 years but we still live in fear and under this state of "colonialism".We are bind , born to be captivated in our early lives.

Let me give u guys a simple example of how we are still under it and im sorry if its not u..but mostly our Malaysian people are.

e.g 1

"ko minat team bola mne yer?"
"mestila team arsenal" (arsenal people dont get mad - im just giving example)

Did we ever to like our own team??or our state team?? if some of u said yes..its just because the Malaysian team are now more shinning than they used to its okay i guess but still we flare-up other team rather than our own team.

e.g 2

A guy walks in to our place and wearing a bundled clothes..than what do we say about him/her???

"ape barang pakai barang bundle..orang skarang pkai levis ori" 

yes despite that WE Malaysian are becoming a high living entity but still y cant we flare-up our own brand?our own design?our own national pride??it is a fear of becoming left out if ure not following the "waves".

eheheh..just wanna share my thoughts tho..if u dont like it do correct me..ive been thinking this for years and like the late sociologist, Syed Hussein Alatas pointed out how dangerous the CAPTIVE MIND is as it  plagues the developing world. ( actually i just found out that Allahyarham Syed Hussein Alatas wrote this).

think about it..

                                                                                                           - Allahyarham Syed Hussein Alatas

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