Posted by on Friday, October 21, 2011

miss Whitey

How would any of us think of a child?i mean our own??mostly some people dun like it wen it comes to this "talk" about having a family but sure dats not me..come to think of aging and still i dont have my own family..SIGH..

sharing again my freakin weird thoughts..but it seems like i cant wait to haave my own kid..where i can play around..whom i can cuddle with..hug everytime i come home from must be a great feeling ait..?? yes im a junior..n im still a student but i cant stop thinkin bout this..i wanna really wanna speed my study get a work..then marryin my princess and start a lil family..i even had this name if its a make sure dats my baby will get dat name for sure..yeah..hee

peace out

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