Posted by on Thursday, June 23, 2011

im gonna this write up with a simple SIGH...hurm..

dunno wat went wrong between us..but it seems like every time
im far from her..she'll get ugly n started to scold me and everything..
haiyoo (how can a person really hold up with her) but i know i do..
coz i love her..but she kept me she jus playin around with me or wat????!!!
so today..she decided to push dat button of "i-wont-leave-u again" and she did leave me..
wat the heck..then she'll msg or call me in a few she nuts or im going nutS??

come to think about it..this is not the first time she did dis..hmmm always with her
stupid judgemental and jus gank up everytime..

lalalalalal gila gila..

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