Am i dreaming....??!!

Posted by on Saturday, August 14, 2010

jus got back from sg nibong to pick up my baby sis from kl..but thats not the story i wanna talk about..there's some weird things happen to me today..

went out at 3.30 am with my baby bro to "lepakin" at pelita nasi kandar before my baby sis arrived..park the car..get out of it then suddenly i cant help myself to noticing this girl (which i used to date a few years back)from across of my

ate sahur then suddenly she came by to the table n ask..

"hye..hows life??.." and at that time i was kinda blurred..after two years of "i-dont-wanna-see-u-no-more"..only god knows how happy i am when she came by..

then i replied.."camni je..u..??"

"still da same..u suda tukar no ka..?? (she ask in sabah dialect)

"yup..u pun kan??"..she answered it with a smile "ya ba.." ..its been a while since i see dat smile after two years..(i really missed her)

after a chit-chat while my baby bro still blurrin bout that situation and thinkin (who da hell is she..??) we at last exchange numbers was really like the 1st time we've met..

"ok la ba..i wanna go d"..

"owwh carefull k..?" i said to her then we departed..

on the way back i was thinking to myself.."wheeew wat a day.." but im glad that she didnt really mean dat phrase ("i-dont-wanna-see-u-no-more")dat make me scared to msg or even call her..
thank GOD dat give me the chance to see her again..

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