Tuesday is ZOO day..

Posted by on Tuesday, July 20, 2010

huhuh been bz with all the global issue subject for this semester..for this subject, we've all been planning to go for a voluntary work next Tuesday (27th july) at Zoo Negara..actually i cant bare with all the work we've to prepare with the limitation of only 2 weeks time before the visitation..aishh but Alhamdullilah its going well for now..gambate all..
huhu despite of all the pressure on completing the task , im kinda excited and really cant wait for the visit huhu..for this subject we have to go to the Zoo Negara to do voluntary work such as :

  • cleaning the animals cage
  • feeding the animals
  • preparing food for the animals..
  • or maybe bathing the animals..lol
well i hope i got the chance to clean the King of the Jungle (lions) cage..
eheh or perhaps the crocs..wooooohoooo...yeah..just wanna feel the adrenalin running thru my body..
eheh maybe next week ill post the picture...huhu

p/s : pray for me Mr. Mus (eheh since u're the only person who read my blog eheh) that i got the lions cage or the crocs ehehe..

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