Tired + Stress + Funny = my day

Posted by on Wednesday, April 21, 2010

today wake up at 5..after my prayers gettin ready for class at 8 till noon..
had class with Mr. Mus then we dismiss after an hour or so..
on the way back i heard someone whistling my fav song..i turn around then
i saw my old friend from Penang smiling at me..

after a few hours chit chatting..then he ask me..

"wei gua dgr bnyk cite la psal lu kt sni..?? ye ke lu buat..??"

and im thinking to myself WTF!!!

no wonder that such a small story could be be flyin around like that..
so i jus told him
"jangan dengar la ckp org klo lu dah kenal gua lama"

then he smile and said
"gua kenal lu..gua saje tanye sbb ade cite..tapi gua caye lu bro..ure my friend (same phrase he answer his PMR years back)

then i smile ...

GOD creates us in such a wonderful + perfect creature in all of his creations but somehow human always made the wrong decision in life...ufgh...(sigh)
please people..dun easily judge people by the way he looks , by the way he walk , with whom he hangs out...they maybe look's like a culprit to you guys but in the end you still dont have the time to know his heart or whatsoever..
chill people ... just chill and relax...dont do stupid things or kiddy stuff...

later on i reach home and do my laundry and here i am writting this blog (smile)..


  1. Hey bro - that was so well written ! Where have you been all this while in my English classes ? You write well, but I hardly hear you speak !

    Ya---I so wanna know what that story might be .....?????? hmmmmm?